Capture The Wool 2023 [MC Map]

Massive Minecraft PVP map made by me and KragonOficial (builder).

You have to steal the wools from the opponent base and bring them back to yours to win, simple on paper, but there’s a lot of steps to follow to get to this point !

This page is quite long, because it’s also used as guide for players.

Minecraft version1.19.4
LanguageEnglish only
ReleaseDecember 2022
StylePVP, Team versus Team
Recommended amount of players6 to 26
Current map version1.1.1
Terms of useCC BY 4.0
Lobby of the map


Mediafire link :

How to play ?

I – The terrain

The game opposes the Blue team and the Red team. Each island in between the bases has its own features. One important note, is that the terrain changes everytime you play ! When you generate the terrain before launching a match, each part of the map is selected from a pool of many structures. There are in total 9000 different combinations ! The terrain is always symmetrical.

Top-view of an example of generated terrain
II – The goal

To win the game, you must steal the two wools inside the base of the opposite team, and bring them back to the spawn of your base. When it’s done, the match instantly ends. The wools are inside shulker boxes.

When you steal a wool, it stays above your head. When you die with it, it stays on the ground and can be picked up again, but after 1 minute of being untouched on the ground, it teleports back to its shulker box.

Blue Wool zone, the wool is inside a shulker at the center

There are worshippers around the wool. They have high health, but it is strongly advised to kill them all before trying to steal the wool. If you don’t, it’s going to be really hard to surviveā€¦

There are also chests containing a lot of stuff to build around the shulker containing the wool to protect it, very important !

If the match takes too long, it is accelerated at some point (configurable), changing a lot of gameplay elements to make stealing the wools easier.

III – Crystals

To gain significant advantages, destroy the crystal on the enemy’s crystal island and defend your own. You reduce the health of the crystal simply by destroying blocks, they grow back, but the health is reduced.

The max health of the crystal scales with the total amount of players. Once a crytal is destroyed, it respawns few minutes later. In total, you can destroy a crystal up to 3 times.

Crystal island, Blue side ; Structure name : “Barrier”
IV – Features of bases

Each base has elevators, only the members of the base can use them. They give jump boost and you don’t take fall damage on them. [Disabled when the crystal is destroyed for the third time]

Elevator of the Red base ; Structure name (around) : “Direct bridge”

Also, when you enter the enemy base, you get a mining fatigue effect [Disabled when when the crystal is destroyed for the first time] but also glowing and all members of the base are alerted you are here. [Disabled when the crystal is destroyed for the third time]

Going inside the enemy’s spawn, shop or defense tower kills you.

V – Catapult island

The middle island has some kind of “catapult” (colored line), teleporting players to the center island and giving them some absorption hearts. This only works with players from the corresponding team. [Enabled only when destroying the enemy crystal for the first time]

Catapult island, Red side ; Structure name : Quadrilateral
VI – Economy

Each base has a shop with 4 traders selling a variety of stuff. There are two currencies : The coins and the shards.

Coins are gained in a lot of ways, mainly by passive gain, and dealing damage / shooting players. The shards are more precious, you gain them by killing players (need multiple kills) and completing goals. Everything you earn is put directly inside your ender chest.

Shop of the Blue base
VII – Center island

The center island is the most strategic area of the map, where most battles should take place.

You can find white crystals here, destroying white crystals doubles all the coins and shards you earn (from most sources), but the other half is directly given to you instead of going inside your Ender Chest. The effect is temporary, and leaving the island disable the effect instantly.

While the double bonus effect is active, you also passively gain shards and coins at slow rate.

Destroying multiple white crystals in a row is useless.
If you are broke, going to the center island might be a good idea !

Center island ; Structure name : “Bastion”
VIII – Power island

You can buy Powers to the Wizard trader. Powers are expensive and their price scales with the total amount of players, there can be only one power active at once. When a Power is bought, you can gain its effect by going at the Power island, the the whole team benefits from it !

Power island, Red side ; Structure name : “Archeology”
Charged Attacks Power showcase
IX – Defense towers

You can buy very powerful “Defensive” weapons from the Wizard trader. You can only use these weapons when you are inside the defense towers AND an enemy player must be inside your base. Using defensive items is highly recommended as they are intentionally super strong. However, they become useless once your crystal is destroyed for the second time.

Defense tower of the Cyan wool
Chaotic Wand showcase

OP Commands

Type /function ctw:<function_name> to use map commands. For example /function ctw:start to launch the match.

startClear the map and generate the terrain (if necessary) then launch the match.
tutorialMake players visit the map with explanations about how to play the game.
lock_or_unlock_teamsSwitch if players are able to choose their own teams or not.
return_to_lobbyCancel the current match and teleport everyone back to lobby.
prepare_terrainClear the map and generate the terrain, without launching.
clear_terrainDestroy all the blocks and entities of the terrain.
rerollTry a new selection of random structures ; usable before generating the terrain.
randomize_teamsRemove all players from teams, then randomly place all players in the blue and red teams to have two teams of the same size. If the number of players is odd, the remaining player will have to join manually.
cancel_matchCancel the current match, without teleporting players.
end_preparationSkip the preparation phase, usable during the match.
show_deathsDisplay the scoreboard of total deaths of the last match.
show_killsDisplay the scoreboard of total kill of the last match.
show_scoresDisplay the scoreboard of the player scores of the last match (calculated based on coins and shards received).
show_rngDisplay the current selection of random structures, with the seed.
get_config_bookGive the same configuration book you can find in the chest at the lobby.

Do not use any function that is not listed here. Other functions are technical only, they may break the map.

List of structures

Most credits go to KragonOficial. The only structures I made are written italic.

Base :
  • Direct bridge
  • Intersected bridge
  • Bridge subfloors
Center :
  • The bridge
  • Bastion
  • Ancient monument
  • Garden
  • Hills
Middle island :
  • Pyramid
  • Pyramid ruins
  • Podium
  • Quadrilateral
  • Towers duo
  • Overgrown
Power island :
  • Ruins
  • Kiosk
  • Connector
  • Connector ruins
  • Dome
  • Obelisk
  • Archeology
  • Walls
  • Giant tree
  • Discovery
Crystal island :
  • Tower
  • Tower ruins
  • Castle
  • Castle ruins
  • Barrier
  • Barrier ruins
  • Platforms
  • Egg
  • Fortress
  • Crystal defense