The Towers 2020 [MC Map]

The Towers 2020 is a Mutiplayer PVP map for Minecraft 1.16.5 that aims to recreate a more modern version of the classic “The Towers” gamemode made by Quijx with ton of new additions !

Two team (Red and Blue) have to fight eachother and have their own base. Players from each team have to go to reach the “pool” in the enemy base to score points, the first team reaching 10 points wins the game. In each base, there’s a huge amount of stuff available that helps for defense or offense, opening the door for very creative strategies by giving players a lot of freedom in their way of playing.

Some of the items are useful, some are not, and some have customized powerful effects.

There are a ton of different mechanics in the game which are all explained in the lobby.

Minecraft version1.16.5
LanguageEnglish only
ReleaseMarch 2020 ; Last update in May 2022
StylePVP, Team versus Team
Advised amount of players6 to 14
Positive aspectsFun gamemode, players can be very creative in their way of playing, very configurable.
Negative aspectsNot updated to newer versions, can be laggy, the map doesn’t auto-reset.

Creator’s note

I’m pretty satisfied with the result and it seems like the map is liked by many people. At the beginning, I just had a decent amount of downloads from many sources, and the map was shared a bit everywhere not by myself, but not a lot of feedback. In early 2022 I took contact with players from the Cross community (South America) that played it a lot and even had some specific metas, and that’s where I started making new updates for the map, mostly because of the feedback from this community.

Then the French Youtuber Aypierre made 3 videos playing my map, which boosted its popularity a lot !

I think the popularity of the map really come from the Minecraft nostalgists that wants to play The Tower in a more modern version which is exactly what the purpose of the map was in the first place.

Overall, the map has a pretty decent popularity with small groups of players playing it frequently, and it’s quite insanne to see that the map appears among the first Google search results when you type “The towers”.

In total, I have at least 8 000 downloads, most of them coming from here and here (too bad I can’t update this one).

But it could be more, I don’t know, the map is a bit all over the place and shared on many websites.


Minecraft France article (not written by me) :

Aypierre Youtube video of the map (first one) :

Kameto & Terracid Youtube video :


Planet Minecraft page :

Current version : 2.0