Skilled Follower [PC Game]

Skilled Follower is some kind of weird bullet hell game. You have to complete 12 randomly selected levels as fast as possible, each getting harder and harder.

You have to use your mouse to move your “Follower” to the place you want, and use the arrow keys to choose to which obstacle you want to destoy.

The game is actually extremely difficult, you have a limit of time and each time you take damage you restart at the beginning of the level, you can see completing the Normal mode as a challenge.

LanguagesFrench & English
ReleaseJanuary 2019
Development toolsPython, Pygame
Positive aspectsChallenging, level editor available, decent amount of content to discover.
Negative aspectsBad game design and frustrating, actually not very fun.

Creator’s note

I started making Skilled Follower in early 2018 when I was 16 years old with the goal of making something unique, but most importantly to learn a lot about programming by setting myself a big challenge : Making a brand new video game from scratch and not even using any game engine.

I had to engineer the whole structure of the program with zero programming experience except knowing the basics of Python. The development was kinda a mess, I had to re-write a lot of code a lot of times, and invent my own optimisation techniques (the optimisation is still a mess, but it could have been worse).

On top of that, I also composed the musics and designed the textures, they are not great, but it gets the job done.

In the end, I’m satisfied of the game for the technical aspect and the amount of efforts I was able to put into. Too bad the game is not very enjoyable in my opinion, I should have decided to make a more conventional type of game and not experiment with obscure game design right from the start.

About the design, the game was inspired from The Binding of Isaac for the bullet hell style and the random levels.



Current version : 1.0.4