Craft Tools From Anything [MC Mod]

Craft Tools From Anything is an absurd Minecraft mod for 1.16.5 that allows you to craft Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, Hoes, Swords and armor pieces using literally every existing item in the entire game.

I mean, really, it’s not an exagerration, absolutely 100% of all the vanilla items of the game can be used to make tools and armor. All of these have custom textures and custom stats such as efficiency, damage, durability etc…

Few of the custom recipes have some special unique effects.

Minecraft versionForge 1.16.5
ReleaseJuly 2021 ; Last update in December 2021
StyleNew content mod
Positive aspectsFun to play with, everything is custom, the mod itself is a joke
Negative aspectsStuck to 1.16.5 only, a lot more items should have custom effects

Creator’s note

To make this mod I used MCreator, a software to make Minecraft mods (pretty cool software btw it works very well). I created a random project with some tools, armor, recipes etc and “dissected” how it was made by opening all the created files in notepad. The goal was to understand how MCreator projects and mod elements work.

Then, I wrote a program in Python to automatically write a MCreator project file and all the mod elements, with this program it’s possible to make thousand of items in seconds !

Here comes the only manual part : All the tools and armor must be somehow balanced, so I made a giant spreadsheet with all materials in rows and stats in columns, and I give this file to my program so he knows the numbers to fill in the files he’s writing (and it does some calculations of course, for example with only the chestplate defense point the program will calculate the helmet, leggings and boots defense points, same thing happens for tool damage and other numbers).

The spreadsheet is manually filled, here’s the values :

I also wrote another program to make the textures automatically, copying the iron tools/armor/armor model textures and filling each non-transparent non-brown pixel by a random non-transparent pixel from the crafting material texture file.

And… The mod was a big success ! I probably have at least 16.6 thousand downloads. Actually, the reason why this mod is popular is because it’s perfect for youtubers, the concept of the mod itself is kinda… “clickbaity”, it bring a lot of views because it makes people curious, especially kids. A video showing the craft of an armor made of fishing rods is unusual and makes people want to see more of it.

Many popular youtuber with 100k+ subscribers made videos about this mod because it brings a lot of views, but also I saw a lot of kids with almost no audience doing it. Seeing these kind of videos are always funny.

The concept if not new though, a lot of mods are doing similar things, but I’m not sure if they really do 100% of all the items.



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Current version : 1.1