Redstone Simulator [PC Game]

Redstone Simulator is a program to simulate the redstone logic from the game Minecraft, you can build and place blocks in top view.

Items available are : Redstone Dust, Redstone Torch, Repeater, Iron Block and Redstone Block. Place them on the grid to make logical circuits, following the exact same mechanics as in the game Minecraft, but in 2D only.

ReleaseAugust 2019
Development toolsC++, SFML

Ok ok this program is pointless, and I don’t even remember exactly why I chose to make this instead of a real video game. But for me, this was symbolical challenge. As usual, I still not use any game engine to make this, everything was built from scratch in C++, this is maybe the most complicated thing in programming I ever done.



Current version : 1.1