Unnamed Survival Game [PC Game]

This abandoned project was meant to be a top-view survival game, inspired by Minecraft and Factorio. You control a tiny human wandering around in an almost infinite world with procedural generation, you can destroy blocks, trees, store items in your inventory and craft other blocks.

There’s not much goal because I cancelled the project, the best you can do is exploring the world until your OS stops the program because it uses too much RAM lol (yeah, you can’t unload from your memory the terrain you generated).

Last modificationSeptember 2020
Development toolsC++, SFML

Creator’s note

This program re-uses the code from my previous Redstone Simulator project. I’m very proud of the infinite terrain generation system and the overall coding because it was very complex to make. I had big plans for this project, and a ton of ideas for it wrote down to make it a great game with a lot to do. Unfortunately, I realized this would be an absolutely insane amount of work, especially because it’s pure C++ and that I’m alone to make this. Also, my first year at the university started, so I couldn’t find the time.

Videos [FR]


Warning : It’s a scrapped work with bugs and very incomplete.